Solid Steel Radio Show 9/6/2017 Hour 2 - James Heather

In Hour 2 we hand over to contemporary pianist James Heather celebrating the release of his debut ‘Modulations: EP 1’ on June 9th via Ahead Of Our Time. James Heather is one of the new school set of ‘post classical’ artists flourishing in the wake of the long, steady but recently accelerated success of figureheads like, recent guest Ben Lukas Boyson, Max Richter and Jóhann Johannsson. ‘EP 1’ will be followed by an album in the summer of 2017 and he told us;
"This mix was put together to show some influences beyond my debut solo piano EP “Modulations: EP1”. The tracks, to my ears, have a “modern classical” feel to it, taking sound somewhere new. I have put a few piano interludes of mine in, with more effects than usual. Look out for some lovely new music from Sufjan Stevens too. Enjoy!”