NuNorthern Soul Session 100

Our 100th episode... As usual, more music we have stumbled upon over the last 4 weeks, past, present and future sounds a plenty...

Music matters, it can take you to far off places, make you forget the day to day problems for a moment, it soothes the soul and lift the spirits...

Seahawks - Starways (Len Leise remix)
Hidden Orchestra - Still (No Drums Version)
Idjut Boys - Another Bird
Scott Gilmore - Pieced Together
Alice Coltrane - Journey to Satchidananda
Soul Sugar - Why Can't We Live Together
Alemayehu Eshete - Alteleyeshegnem
Nubya Garcia - Contemplation
Begin - Elate
Hanarossa Edit - I Can't Go For That
Phil Mison - Noche Espanola
Joe Goddard - Home (Morgan Geist Remix)


Love to Manchester & London