Let's Crowdsource the Future of Europe

How much do you think your opinion counts on the decisions of the European Union? How can we influence our future?

We evaluate "why, how and when" we can participate in the European Union's decision-making process.

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The purpose of the event is to gain insight as to how EU decisions are made and in what ways crowdsourcing will allow us to participate directly. During the workshop we will discuss the following questions:
- Claiming our time: When is the time to speak?
In which stage of the legislative process in the EU we can use crowdsourcing to intervene.
- Claiming our space: On what should we intervene?
Which topics we should crowdsource and which are the local best practices that could be used on an EU level.
- Doing it our way: How should we intervene?
What tools and methodologies can enhance crowdsourcing in the EU legislative process.

Free Entrance ‐ Certification of Attendance
Registrations here: http://go.scify.gr/EUCROWDtickets
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*The discussion will be held in English
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