Afternoon Meditation!

SoulSistas And SoulBruthas! I'm a record digger. I really love it. It's my version of treasure hunting. One of the things I find truly relaxing is cleaning my treasures. It's sort of the equivalent being on an archeological digging site with a brush in my hand sweeping away the dirt to get to the good stuff. This afternoon I got to enjoy a little of that relaxation and clean up some gems I found at one of my favourite local shops here in Richmond, Virginia. It's called, Steady Sounds and is run by a real cool fella named, Marty. The shop is in the heart of the city right next to a college campus. I always seem to find great records in Marty's shop. Lucky for me, he always gets quality stuff for the Jazz bins. This particular afternoon was just excellent as I pulled all records contained in this mix in the span of about 30 minutes at an average of about $5 each.

As always, I'm excited to share them with you. Enjoy!!

Peace and SOUL,
HSB Dave B.