RE * UP with Hodge, KEMAΛ & local players

Almost a year after we went for an outdoors-special to a ram jam basement brock-out in less than 2 hrs (thanks to BEATNIK), there was only one idea in our head. We need to bring them back, it has to get that vibe with 200+ souls around the booth and a 6k speaker stack. Done deal <>

For one night only we re*up with Hodge coming straight from Corsica Studios on Friday to Κινηματογράφος Μικρόκοσμος / Mikrokosmos Cinemaon Saturday, touch down and off to Germany on Sunday. KEMAΛ fromBerceuse Heroique re*up of course while Sepho Btnk, Black Athena &Runner complete the picture.

40 days after tearing up the foyer with Mall Grab & Synthetic we revisit one last time in spring. good & proper

***FREE ENTRANCE but we'll maintain maximum boost in the dance so arrive as early as possible to avoid a long wait at the door***







props to Paranoise Radio for supporting each & every