Public Meditation 2017

The Light Movement will be taking part in a public meditation in Hyde park London this will be an event that will enable willing members to join together to meditate in public and encourage general members of the public to join bring your own rug or a cushion/yoga mat to sit on and I will be providing some information on what the light movement is about for the members of the public who don't know there will be leaflets provided for the lightmovement if they wish to take one they can do so. We can film at certain points of the day to enable our online members to get an idea of what we are doing. I hope this can start in London and spread much much further. I look forward to seeing you all there more information on this event will come as it happens, Love and light :)

If you wish to make a donation for this event and to enable future events to be possible thank you so much for any support in advanced please go to: PayPal.Me/thelightmovement