Hiroshi Yoshimura ‎– Music For Nine Post Cards (Wave Notation 1) † [1982, full album]

Yoshimura time! All-round good egg, and a certified Eno-head. Maybe you could call this the opening act of Yoshimura's life-long trademark of filling small spaces with warm notes. It was his first full-length album, coming out as the first part of Satoshi Ashikawa's short-lived but influential Wave Notation project.

Part 2 in that series (Satoshi Ashikawa ~ Still Way) can be found here: https://youtu.be/jaWdVJO5H98

And Part 3 (Satsuki Shibano ‎~ Erik Satie) [France 1866-1925] here: https://youtu.be/w8buDQtwWOY

This is a vinyl rip of the 1982 LP.

Side A:
A1) Water Copy - 0:01
A2) Clouds - 6:13
A3) Blink - 12:08
A4) Dance PM - 16:51

Track list:

Side B:
B1) Ice Copy - 23:23
B2) Soto Wa Ame - 26:19
B3) View From My Window - 30:52
B4) Urban Snow - 37:08
B5) Dream - 41:51