I Hope My Legs Don´t Break / Part I

Short Films screening 11.03.2017 / 9-12pm
Outside of Agias Zonis 1/ Kypseli / 113 61 Athens
An A-DASH Project Space off-site event

«I Hope My Legs Don’t Break» will take place four times throughout 2017 (March, May, September, November), with each event hosting a selection of different short films which were submitted through an open call. The chosen films will be presented from a transitory structure, in situ alongside several disused kiosks across Athens.

Part I, held on the11th of March will take place in the neighborhood of Kypseli (outside Agias Zonis 1) with Short films from: Akmar (NL) / Eden Mitsenmacher (USA) / Stéphane Charpentier (FR) & Patrick Andrew Boivin (CAN) & Alyssa Moxley (USA/IRL) / Anna Banout (PL/SY)

«I Hope My Legs Don’t Break» investigates the relationship between place, architecture, memory and temporality: taking the Kiosk as an entry point.

The Kiosks (Periptera), visible all over Athens, are frequently witnessed as no more than redundant structures. In their time, and when in use, they have the capacity to act as sites that trigger and promote societal exchange.

The Kiosk is now often only seen as a hollow shell; a stranger within its own time; an outsider within its own topology; an outmoded site withdrawing to the architecture of memory.

The Kiosk, in its unused form, resembles a landed UFO; an obscure object that has returned from the future, or voyaged forth from a time before time. It is both ‘alien’ and ‘alienated’; a space that simultaneously speaks of and is disconnected from its own past(s) – present(s) – future(s).

The Kiosk belongs to all and none of these at the same time.

Through a shift, reverse or rupture in chronology, the Kiosk can re-emerge as something else altogether: its identity, purpose and function can be re-defined.

«I Hope My Legs Don’t Break» screens works that present an investigative and innovative approach to film in direct relation to overlapping notions of place, architecture, memory and temporality.

Part I. contributing artists: 11th March 2017 / Agias Zonis 1, Kypseli
(short films on loop from 9-12pm):

Akmar (NL) - Newspaper Hat, 2015 (03:09)
Eden Mitsenmacher (USA) - Forever in a Day, 2016 (01:10)
Stéphane Charpentier (FR) & Patrick Andrew Boivin (CAN) & Alyssa Moxley (USA/IRL) - Pieces of Time that we Taped on the Hills, 2014 (08:15)
Anna Banout (PL/SY) - Identity : Other, 2016 (01:46)