Chromophilia by It's a shirt

I am not a newborn anymore,
I turned 1 year old.
To celebrate my birthday and meet you in person
I would like to invite you
to my experience party
with the name ‘Chromophilia’.
It will take place at We are BUD.
On the ground floor there are two apartments.
The one will be filled with each and every one of you,
music, posters, screenings, drinks, shirts.
The other one is located next door
and will host an experience based on coziness and familiarity
that cannot be characterised
neither as a fashion show
nor as a performance.
Be careful, because you will be exposed to
individuals who will make you feel like home.
Feel free to dive into their world and use your senses
to get involved in a 30-minute happening.
They will feel like home.
How will you feel?

Opening Hours of presentation & the party house

Opening Hours of the Experience

Asteriou Nefeli
Mouchas Christos
Papadaki Maria
Partalidis Yorgis

Helena Koursou
Kissing Strangers

Nikolaou Nicole

Christodoulou Christina

Models on the posters
Alexiou Aliki
Iliaki Daphne