Golden Bee 12. Holidays in Macerata

The exhibition "GOLDEN BEE 12. HOLIDAYS in MACERATA" will present the works of authors from around the world, including posters-winners in individual categories. The exposition includes the posters of main Biennale "Golden Bee" exhibition, which was held in Moscow.
" "Golden Bee" exists nearly a quarter century. It was born in 1992, suddenly, unexpectedly and indefinitely expected. I mean, first of all, Russia, of course. Iron Curtain collapsed, ended the era of visual famine, the world became open.
Together with its "brothers and sisters", older and younger, the Moscow Biennale forms a kind of global network of design events that monitor of visual culture and determine its development.
Over time "Golden Bee", became to be as a "global". Firstly, it is beautiful: Golden Bee - Global Biennale. Secondly, it was born in Russia, it explains a lot. But most importantly is a network of its own projects, "Golden Bee", exhibitions and events it pre-biennale parallel and post-biennale program has grown so much that a naming began to look quite organically.
At the "Golden Bee 12" received a record number of works - 17120 from 88 countries.
Moreover, part of works submitted for the contest got exhibitions Golden Bee Network in different cities around the world, where "Golden Bee 12" appears in expanded form. We can say that all together it forms a visual global hypertext, which everybody reads and experiencing in their own way".
President of biennale Serge Serov.

President of Biennale:
Serge Serov
Curator: Anastasia Kulazhenko (Accademia di Belle Arti, master program “Graphic design”)
Thanks for support Accademia di Belle Arti Macerata

From 6th till 12th (included) of February 2017
Galleria Mirionima (Accademia di Belle Arti).
Piazza della Liberta 21, Macerata (Italy)