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Are We Leaving For Ever? | Smoke City

Are We Leaving For Ever? is a digital photography manipulation turned into a graphic illustration full of blue leaves by Petros Vasiadis
Listen to the urban, lounge tunes similar to Smoke City. Enjoy your time:)
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Together | Fleetwood Mac

Together is a visual graphic communication about the entrance of the ritual atmosphere of the Easter days by Petros Vasiadis using photographic material by Creative Fund | Free Images and icons by Free Letterheads.
Enjoy your day listening to Fleetwood Mac and other similar rock artists.

Red Ninefly | Ibrahim Maalouf

Red Ninefly is a digital graving graphic illustration composed by a red nine (butterfly) flying over the sea to a large blossom at a sunny day and above.
Listen to some nu-jazz and tune in Ibrahim Maalouf sound. Enjoy your time;)

Feels like... | Nightmares on Wax

Feels like... system properly denied to serve its servants. i - Your name here
Some might yelling couldn't be better, but we are humans, and sometimes very humans!
You can joint the sound of Nightmares on Wax and have a relaxing downtempo listening, for your enjoyment:)

Beating Again | Massive Attack

Beating Again. The Spring is here. Just a look at the world and you'll receive the message. She's back.
Enjoy your time listening to Massive Attack similar sounds and tunes.
Graphic Design by Petros Vasiadis.

Sans Fault | Vieux Farka Touré

Sans Fault is a visual detox dose by Petros Vasiadis filled with some extra knowledge about what makes us happy in our lives. I will pass the lighted words of a priest: Happiness is a matter of good relations.
Enjoy your spare time listening to some great world music similar to Vieux Farka Touré

OUH | Medeski Martin and Wood

OUH is a Graphic entertaining Design by Petros Vasiadis using images after a paper cut work for his decoration and PVF_Cash typeface by +CYN Fonts / Γράμματα 2€

Have an inspiring time listening to Medeski Martin and Wood and similar art jazz tunes. Enjoy!